Accomplishments & Awards
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Accomplishments & Awards

Youth Services Center

1. National Association of Counties (2004)

Counties Care for America: Workforce Development Award for Excellence

2. America’s Promise Alliance:  100 Best Communities for Young People (2008, 2010, 2011, 2012)

3. Bright Ideas (2010)

Bright Ideas Logo

The City and County of Honolulu established a Youth Services Center which for the first time, brought the city’s 20-plus youth programs together in a single-access point. Results include youth staying in high school, moving on to further education and out of the justice system, as well as streamlined program operations

YouthBuild Program

  1. Since 2000, the program has helped over 500 youth and young adults earn a diploma, receive construction training and get a job or enter college.
  2. Member of the YouthBuild USA Affiliated Network since 2008.

YouthBuild USA Awards

2012Highest GED/Diploma Attainment
2009Outstanding GED/Diploma Attainment
Outstanding Achievement in Attendance
Outstanding Achievement in Program Completion
2007100% Attendance and Program Completion
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