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  1. Check eligibility to ensure you meet the program eligibility requirements.
  2. Apply by calling (808) 768-5888 or submit a request online.
  3. Once your interest form is received, we will schedule you for an informational briefing. Each applicant that attends the briefing is provided an eligibility packet with a checklist of eligibility documents, and all original documents are required to complete the eligibility process.
  4. Applicants are notified in advance prior to attending an informational briefing and the documents required to determine eligibility.
  5. Staff assist applicants with the completion of an application.
  6. If all documents are provided, staff determine eligibility for the program, if not will provide pending list of documents to provide.
  7. If deemed eligible for services, case manager submit application and documentation that defers eligibility to the program manager/supervisor. Program manager/supervisor reviews application and documents to validate eligibility verification records and assigned to case manager.
  8. Case manager scheduled eligible participant to complete intake and assessments.